Welcome Aboard the SS Knight Owl About the Knight Owl Meet the Crew Deckplans

Knight Owl deck arrangement

The first diagram depicts the deck layout, where each section is on the profile of the ship.

 Click on any of the deck schematics for a full sized view

Forward Mandibles

Back-up life support, water purification/storage, avionics, electronics, and forward maneuver jet banks

Flying Bridge

Auxilliary "fighter jockey" controls, hydroponics, communications and detection equipment access


Helm, astrogator and chief engineer stations, computer/communication/detection station

Recreation Deck

Shower/fresher units, mess hall with pantry, auto-cooker, refrigerator, and other food prep equipment; lounge, dining area, recreational equipment, and holographic entertainment units

Crew Quarters

Four double bunk cabins, controls for dorsal and ventral laser batteries

Engineering Deck

Engineering station, power relay station with generator, machine/tool shop, primary life support unit, parts storage, aft maneuver jet accessways, and spacesuit locker

Aft Hold

hatches to main hold and universal airdock