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Crew Roster

There's currently fur of us serving aboard the Owl: myself, Rinny, and a pair of female accomplices.

John Knightrazor II

I'm the illegitimate son of my father from one of his adventures in my homeworld. Born of a predominantly human Venusia yazirian mother, who died shortly after my birth, I was named after my grandfather. He's some sort of hero in the Athor system, a military leader of the Knighthawk Special Forces, a predeccessor of LandFleet.

My dad took decent care of me after I was born, although indirectly at that. He placed me in the care of the Pasamoria yazirian clan in Yast along with another ward, an orphaned yazirian child that was the sole survivor of a Hepplewhite, Inc. scout ship crash. I didn't quite adapt to the Pasamorian ways, rather I craved a more reckless life of thrills, risks, adventure, and overall danger. My Pasamorian fathers dubbed me as a "bad influence" toward my blood brother Rinny, but on the same token they never lumped me into the "bad seed" category either.

Once I completed my schooling here in Histran Vocational University, my yazirian friend and I enrolled into the Star Fightyer Corps where we learned all there is to know about spacing. Once we mustered out, we acquired this fine ship with a little help from my dad. Yeah, pop's alright in my book...

By the way, I seem to be developing some sort of latent mutant ability of electrical manipulation. It's pretty cool...

STR/STA: 50/60
DEX/RS:   65/65
INT/LOG: 50/50
PER/LDR: 50/50

PSA: Technical
Technician (6)
Computer (6)
Robotics (2)

Projectile Weapons (5)
Gyrojet Weapons (3)
Beam Weapons (2)
Melee Weapons (1)

Pilot (2)
Astrogator (1)
Engineer (1)


John's dad rescued me from a scout ship that I was aboard with my parents. Wanna make somethin' of it?! I was the sole survivor of that Hepplewhite Inc. disaster, and if I learned anything from it, it would have to be a distrust for any large business organization.

I was placed in the care of Yast's Pasamorian clan along with John and we grew up together. I eventually grew tiresome of my childhood nickname of "Rinny", in fact John's the only one I allow the use of said moniker. Anyone else may face my battle-enraged state...I'm every bit of the thrill seeker as my human brother, although some claim I'm more of a down to earth type and that I'm the only voice of reason that John will listen to.

My studies in the fields of all things technical have allowed John to develope his latent mutant ability. But we still have a long ways to go towards mastery of it, I'm constantly researching new experiments for him to try out, oftentimes to the dismay of any onlookers...

I co-pilot the Owl with John but my primary job is the ship's chief engineer.

STR/STA: 45/55
DEX/RS:   70/60
INT/LOG: 60/50
PER/LDR: 45/45

PSA: Technical
Technician (6)
Computer (2)
Robotics (4)

Projectile Weapons (6)
Gyrojet Weapons (2)
Beam Weapons (4)
Melee Weapons (1)

Engineer (2)
Pilot (1)
Rocket Gunnery (1)
Energy Gunnery (1)

Kathryn "Nikki" Nichole

John claims his foster clan fathers say he's no bad seed. Don't believe it for a minute! John's bad in every way imaginable, and I like that in a man. I met him during my stint as an astro-gunner in the Star Fighter Corps and flew many a mission with him. He's just as ruthless behind the stick as he is in person. Did I mention that I like that in a man? I met and served with him in the Star Fighter Corps, so when he came calling for assistance with his new ship I signed on. As fate would have it, I had already put in for discharge requests when he returned. SFC offered a good living, but I'm enjoying the free life with the skills I learned from them.

I serve as an astrogator on the Knight Owl now, and am entrusted with the dorsal battery (I like being on the top) when we encounter any unfriendlies. I also know a little bit about the medical profession.

STR/STA: 45/60
DEX/RS:   60/50
INT/LOG: 45/45
PER/LDR: 60/50

PSA: Technical
Computer (6)

Beam Weapons (6)

Medic (3)

Astrogator (2)
Energy Gunnery (3)


I'm an Invia clan yazirian from Histran, and another former member of the Star Fighter Corps gunnery team. I served briefly with John and Rin-Blanka in their squadron, and when I was discharged I ran into them again back home. As luck would have it, they were looking for a second gunner to work the ventral battery. I serve as an auxilliary engineer when I'm not blasting away at the bad guys.

I've been calling the first mate by his childhood name lately. He doesn't like it, but he doesn't seem to hate it either...

STR/STA: 60/60
DEX/RS:  60/60
INT/LOG: 45/45
PER/LDR: 50/50

PSA: Technical
Technician (4)
Robotics (2)

Beam Weapons (6)

Engineer (1)
Energy Gunnery (4)