Welcome Aboard the SS Knight Owl

Welcome Aboard the SS Knight Owl About the Knight Owl Meet the Crew Deckplans

We're makin' a name for ourselves...

The SS Knight Owl is an RT-3100 merchant scout designed by Rayax Transport Shipwrights at their Dixon's Star facility on Laco.

The Knight Owl is under contract with Histran's local outpost governor, with chartered routes to Gran Quivera and Yast for supplies. The citizens of this outpost world require a wide variety of goods, so this is a lucrative government charter.

Lucrative to them anyways, we just operate the boat. But during our downtime sessions, we've developed something of a reputation on our independant runs.

Topside view of the Owl

Meet the Captain

John Knightrazor II here, captain and co-owner of the SS Knight Owl. My blood-brother yazirian comrade Rinny (who prefers to be called by his proper name Rin-Blanka) and I run things aboard this fine ship. She's a small freight hauler from Rayax Transport Shipwrights, one of their finer models at that. Not the most profitable but she makes up for it in speed, agility, and armament. We're contracted by the local Histran's outpost governor to charter goods from Gran Quivera and Yast. The income isn't much to talk about, but it allows us the liberties we enjoy from this fine vessel.

Reputation? Whaddaya mean you haven't heard of us? Surely you recall that scuffle right here in my homeworld involving that no good upstart dictator Yan-Soon Shea-Dow and his Sovereign Domain Authority. Yeah, that's right...we're the ones that mustered a group of other independant haulers along with surviving Star Fighter Corps forces to retake the planet. These weren't your garden variety pirates or petty crooks mind you. No, we took down half of Soon's prized weapon, the Punisher Squadron, during that battle. One of my gunners dealt the blow that sent their squadron leader plummeting to the surface, and they fell apart after that.